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About Direct Primary Care

Personalized, Accessible Primary Care

At One Focus Medical, we are a membership-style practice with a monthly fee, no payment at time of service, and no insurance. We operate on a cash model that doesn't include insurance because it allows us to give more time to our patients and provide a much higher-level of service.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Dr. Davenport pioneered the direct primary care model in Oklahoma by opening the first DPC practice in the state. The private, concierge-style medical practice where patients pay monthly installments allows him to spend more time with each patient, individualize their care, and be accessible to all his patients all the time. Beyond that, his services are affordable - he can care for a family of 4 for less than a cell phone bill. Plus, rather than carry a patient load of 3,000-4,000 like most primary care doctors within insurance companies, being independent allows Dr. Davenport to care for 600 patients who he knows on a first-name basis. at DPC practices, doctors don’t accept insurance - rather patients pay directly for their care and can submit reimbursements on their own. Bypassing the insurance system allows Dr. Davenport to practice better medicine because he can focus on his patients - not his paperwork.

Why is DPC better?

As a member of One Focus Medical, you and your family will have unlimited access to Dr. Davenport at an affordable rate. That means you’ll have 24/7 access to him via phone, text, email, and can set up house calls whenever you need - holidays, weekends and nights included. So if you have 3 sick children at home, you don’t have to schedule an appointment and bring them to an office. Dr. Davenport can come to your house, examine, diagnose and prescribe treatment for your family in the comfort of your own home - at your convenience. Other advantages include:

  • An annual executive physical
  • House calls at no extra cost
  • Same-day and next-day scheduling
  • Full access via technology
  • Extended, relaxed visits
  • Unlimited access to Dr. Davenport - after hours, weekends and holidays aren’t a concern
  • Diagnostic and procedural benefits at no extra cost
  • Wholesale labs and medication costs

Who is it good for?

Direct Primary Care is an excellent choice for anyone looking for more personalized medical care. If you want more time with your doctor, need more flexible hours, or want the convenience of texting, calling and Skyping your doctor anytime - One Focus Medical may be best for you. Giving yourself total peace of mind - knowing that a doctor with more than 20 years of experience is just a call or text away costs less than a cell phone bill. Especially since children under 19 are just $10/month (That’s $120 per year - which is generally less than the cost of just one urgent care center visit), families with children especially love our business model. Dr. Davenport enjoys building decades-long relationships with patients. So if you’re interested in raising a family, or taking great care of yourself by getting a doctor you really trust who takes time to listen to you, call our practice.

Does it make sense financially?

Yes! For most people. People generally understand that the care from One Focus Medical is better than your average primary care doctor at a hospital. Having 600 instead of 3,500 patients allows us to practice medicine differently. Since most people want more time with a doctor who they really trust - the care isn’t the hard decision to make, it’s the financial argument. To lay out how cost-effective we are as an option for individuals, families and small businesses, read the scenarios below to see what you can save. And remember - on top of it being a great financial decision, the peace of mind and ease of having a concierge doctor who’s just a call away is definitely worth it.


Imagine you’re home alone with 3 children ages 6, 4, 1½. They are all vomiting and having diarrhea. You know there’s been a GI bug going around town. You call your doctor, but you can’t speak to him or her and only get their staff. They want you to bring all three of them in because they can't treat any of them if they don’t see them. You’d rather stab yourself in the eye than get into a car and to the hospital with 3 very young, puking children…

With One Focus Medical

You call Dr. Davenport, who’s number is on your speed dial. He answers the phone and you’re talking to him immediately. He asks you questions and makes some recommendations over the phone. He also prepares some anti-emetic suppositories for your husband to pick up at lunch and bring home to your kids. He calls you the next morning to check in on your family. Your kids have stopped vomiting and are holding their fluids down. He tells you about some warning signs for dehydration to watch out for and tells you to call with any concerns. You’re so thankful you for the relationship you have with One Focus Medical.

You Saved

  • Three co-pays at your pediatrician’s office
  • A drive to the hospital
  • Inevitably, a very thorough car-wash.


You’re a 58 year old man with high blood pressure and cholesterol, and you’re in for your annual wellness visit. You waited 25 minutes in a room of sick people before you were called in by a nurse who took your vitals and left you in a room to wait for the doctor. Lately you’ve been noticing that you have some low back pain, stress at work is making your stomach hurt, and you wonder about your testosterone level because of the commercials. When he comes in, your doctor quickly reviews your labs saying they look good. He refills your medications for you - faxing them to your regular pharmacy, and gets up to go. You quickly mention your concerns about testosterone and tell him there are a couple of other things you’d like to talk about. He says he’ll be glad to check your testosterone level and have you come back for a specialized visit. You’re frustrated because that means another copay, another visit, and another half day off work because your doctor is very busy and is never on time…

With One Focus Medical

Dr. Davenport had drawn your blood the previous week at his office to prepare for you annual executive physical. The day of your visit, he greets you personally and there’s no wait at the office. Twenty minutes into your visit, you are done talking about your cholesterol, blood pressure and recommended cancer screenings. You want to ask about the other things on your mind and he says “Sure, we still have 40 minutes. Tell me what’s going on.” He listens to all your concerns, never interrupts and then answers all of your questions. For the last 10 minutes of your visit, you have nothing left to ask him about that’s medical-related. He asks you about your grandson’s football games. You’re so happy you have someone you trust who cares about you and really listens to you as your doctor.

You Saved

  • $32 on lab fees if your normal lab had a $40 copay
  • A second trip to the doctor to talk about testosterone and your stomach and back pain
  • Extra time waiting for your appointment or for the doctor


Imagine you’re a 26 year old woman. You notice what you think is a bug bite low on the right side of your abdomen. You think about calling the doctor, but you know she’ll just want you to come in and you don’t have time. You decide to wait a few days and see what happens. The next day, it looks worse and has gone from itching to sore. You call your doctor’s office and they want to see you. They schedule you for the next day in the afternoon. The third day, the bite is significantly worse. It’s painful and there’s an opening in the middle of it that’s beginning to drain. It’s frightening so you decide not to wait for your afternoon appointment - you go to an urgent care center. A doctor there says they have to cut it open and drain it. It’s painful, gross, and you missed a day of work. There days later you follow up with your primary care doctor who tells you that you have to continue squeezing it and draining it. This sucks because it is very tender. You have an open wound for a couple weeks…

With One Focus Medical

You notice a bump and you think it’s a bug bite. You take a picture of it and send it to Dr. Davenport. He texts you back 10 minutes later and says it looks like a bug bite. He asks for an updated photo the next day. The next day it looks worse. He sees the photo and tells you it looks like a skin infection. He asks if you can run by the office at your convenience to pick up some Bactrim. It’s $1.00. Because of the rapid communication with your doctor you improve over the next few days. You don’t realize that you avoided an abscess because the problem is fixed early when it should be. You’re so happy you have your doctor to rely on.

You Saved

  • 1-2 days of work
  • The hassle of having an open wound
  • The steep cost of an urgent care visit
  • A lot of worry about something that didn’t progress to something more
  • Two copays at your doctor’s office


Imagine you’re in your 40’s, your parents are in their seventies and pushing into their eighties. This health is declining and you are taking a much more active role in their healthcare. They love their doctor, but she’s overworked and you never feel like you get all your questions answered. You’re constantly spending time researching illnesses online to make up for the lack of patient-doctor interaction and you’re really stressed about finding your parents the best care possible. You’re wondering whether your parents are over-medicated because their doctor keeps prescribing pills for your parents. You wonder if that’s really the best solution and if there’s any hope for finding better care.

With One Focus Medical

You hear about the quality of direct primary care, and though you aren’t sure about how the pricing works out compared to traditional insurance, you choose to enroll your parents in Dr. Davenport’s service for a total of $200/month. Before you sign up with them, Dr. Davenport comes to your parents house to meet with all of you for more than an hour to talk about your concerns and hear about the type of care you want for your parents. You’re encouraged by Dr. Davenport’s patience, personality and the amount of time he spends with your parents. Above all, your parents mesh well with Dr. Davenport and understand everything he has to say. Dr. Davenport gives you his phone number and genuinely encourages you to call him anytime you have a question. You program his number into your phone and now have a resource to get trusted advice anytime you’re worried about your parents. You can now take better care of yourself, your parents and your own family.

You Saved

  • Countless hours of online research and trips to and from your parents’ doctors offices
  • Time off work you were taking to take care of your parents
  • Additionally, you have enormous peace of mind and your parents are happier with their care


You’re a hard-working guy in your 30’s. You make your living with your hands and though you aren’t rich, you pay your bills and are proud to earn what you get. You never really get sick and when you do, you go to work anyway because that’s what men do to provide for their families. Your company doesn’t provide health insurance and the private insurance you are paying for is destroying your budget. You wish you could get rid of it, but you and your wife have 3 small children and you know you need to keep coverage for them. You wonder how you can possibly take care of your family’s insurance needs and still put food on the table…

With One Focus Medical

You hear from your friend that there’s a new type of doctor in town. He’s offering direct primary care for affordable rates. You investigate online and find out that for $130/month you, your wife, and your 3 small children can have unlimited access to an experienced doctor. You’re still concerned about protecting yourself financially, so you switch your insurance plan to a catastrophic coverage just in case something terrible happens and you decide to pay for the direct primary care. You can now call or text your doctor anytime you have a medical question and he even does free house calls at no extra charge anytime one of your kids is sick. You’re amazed.

You Saved

  • Several thousands of dollars a year on the insurance plan that was crippling your budget
  • You now have peace of mind and easy access to a doctor who does whatever it takes to keep you and your family healthy


Imagine you’re a 65 year old man going to the doctor for your yearly wellness exam. Your doctor reviews all the normal preventive medicine topics with you. During the exam he feels a mass in your abdomen that he’s concerned about. He tells that you need to get a CT of your abdomen so he can find out what it is. You agree, he writes the order, and gives it to you on your way out of the office. You call around local imaging centers to find the least-expensive CT. You decide on one and book one three days out.You follow up for the results after that. They tell you it’s a colonic mass and that you need surgery. You get a referral to a surgeon a week later. He evaluates you and recommends surgery which is 3 days later. You wonder why it takes so long to get anything accomplished…

With One Focus Medical

Dr. Davenport feels a mass in your abdomen during your annual executive physical. He recommends a CT. You agree so he steps out of the room and calls the radiology clinic and explains the situation. They agree to see you today. You go there directly and get a CT. The radiologist calls Dr. Davenport directly. Dr. Davenport tells you your diagnosis and you’re crushed, but he promises to fight like hell with you. You want to fight so he calls one of the best surgeons and again he agrees to see you as soon as possible. The surgeon asks you to pick up a few things at home and hydrate so you’re ready for surgery the next day. You prepare for the fight of your life and are so thankful to have Dr. Davenport by your side.

You Saved

  • Endless frustration with the insurance system
  • Several days waiting for diagnoses
  • You leave with peace of mind knowing that you have the best doctor on your side who is willing to fight for you - and that you’re not lost in a messy system beyond your control. You are optimistic rather than pessimistic about your future.


Imagine you own a small lawn/gardening company. You want to do what’s right for your people, but your insurance premiums have been going up 20% each year for four years. The math just doesn’t add up and you can’t continue to afford medical care for your employees. You call a meeting and explain to them that you’ll either have to let two people go, or cancel everyone’s health insurance. You want to throw up anytime you think about the situation and your impossible choice…

With One Focus Medical

Before you decide whether to let two people go or cut everyone’s health insurance, you hear about this new ‘direct primary care’ practice in town. They have an insurance expert who helps you hammer out a high-deductible catastrophic policy and an ERISA health insurance plan for your company. You offer to pay half of your employee’s $50 monthly fee while they cover the other half. Your group of approximately 50 people are covered by this plan then go three years (!) without an insurance plan. No claims for doctor visits, urgent care, the ER, medications, labs - nothing. Your insurance premiums correspondingly drop 60%. You take an average of $70,000 of the nearly $100,000 ERISA plan and roll it over year to year to help re-fund it every year. That allows you to use the $70k somewhere else - like the profit side of the ledger. You wonder why nobody’s done this before…

You Saved

  • You didn’t have to decide between cutting health insurance or cutting people’s jobs
  • You were able to add more profit to your business and provide your workers with an even higher quality of care


Imagine you’re 48 years old and have a few chronic illnesses. You take 5 or 6 medications and you’re quite stable on them. Your labs are always fine, but the cost of the meds is wearing you down. You don’t want to quit taking them because your illnesses are well-controlled. It makes you wonder what you pay your insurance for if all they have you do is pay a lot for meds even though you hardly ever see a doctor. You don’t understand why your copays are so high…

With One Focus Medical

You enroll in Dr. Davenport’s direct primary care practice and it costs you $75/month. You get premium quality care with unprecedented access to your doctor. On top of that, he sells wholesale medications right out of his office - you don’t even have to go to the pharmacy! The total cost out of pocket for your meds is now just $40/month. You realize that by joining the practice, you’ve saved $100/month on your meds - including the membership fee! You haven’t even counted the quarterly lab charges you’re saving and you have much better care than you did before. You can’t believe how it’s possible to get better care at a better price, but it is!

You Saved

  • $25/month to put in your pocket. You had been paying $140 so now your membership fee and wholesale prices account for $115 of that
  • You get better quality, more personalized care and more convenient medicine for less than what you were already paying